A Special Day For Little Rowie The Witch by R.S.

In a small town called Cobbleville, lived a little witch named Rowie.  Little Rowie’s house sat on a cliff overlooking the ocean. Every day at noon, little Rowie the Witch would hop onto her magic broomstick named Broomsy for her daily ride in the sky.  

“Broomsy, Broomsy, it’s time to go for our ride.  What a beautiful day. I hope there will be lots of birds flying today!” said little Rowie looking up with her nose pressed up against the glass window.  Broomsy jumped up off her stool. Little Rowie held her hand out as Broomsy gently glided into her hand. “Be careful flying, Rowie. Don’t be late for dinner.  We are having your favorite dish, Toe Nail Stew” said Spanktella, Rowie’s Mom.

“Yes, Mamma.  See you later” said little Rowie.  “Off we go, Broomsy!!!” said Little Rowie.  Broomsy soared high into the sky with her long bristles, shooting sparkling shimmering stars of orange, pink, purple, blue and green, leaving a trail of rainbows. Suddenly, a strong wind blew large puffy marshmallow clouds around Little Rowie and Broomsy.  

“These puffy clouds are tickling my nose, Broomsy. Let’s go see the birds” said little Rowie.  Broomsy’s bristles sparkled blue and green as she flew towards the birds.

“Hello Birds!!!” said little Rowie the Witch waving her wand.  The Seagulls winked, the Falcons nodded, and the Eagles blinked to say hello to little Rowie the Witch.   Little Rowie chuckled as her magic hat showered the birds with stardust. “Bye, Birdies. Broomsy, let’s fly near the beach” said little Rowie the Witch.    

“Oh, Broomsy, look at the children having a picnic on the beach.  

Wouldn’t it be fun to have a picnic on the beach?” asked little Rowie the Witch. Broomsy turned around quickly.  Broomsy started shaking and rocking very hard. Broomsy suddenly stopped flying and started to fall fast towards the ground.  “Broomsy, Broomsy what’s wrong?! Oh no!!, I think we are going to crash!!” cried little Rowie the Witch. Kaboonk! Thump, thump, thump, snap, snap, swish, swish, crunch, crunch!!!   

“Broomsy, Broomsy, where are you? I can’t see you.  It’s so dark in here” said little Rowie. Broomsy did not answer.  Little Rowie stood up staring into the dark. The echo of footsteps were coming towards her.  The footsteps became louder and louder as a small faint light started to appear heading towards little Rowie .  “Hello, are you hurt? Do you need help?” asked the stranger in the dark.

“Yes, yes, I do need help!! I’m o.k., but I, I,  can’t find my Broomsy. She is my broomstick and my best friend.  Broomsy stopped flying. We fell from the sky and crash landed here” said little Rowie crying. “You are in my cave, on the Beach Island of Donuts.  We are not far from the land of humans” said Peanut the Dinosaur as he lifted the lamp light towards his face. Little Rowie looked up to see a very tall blue dinosaur with yellow spots all over his body.  Rowie started trembling. “Please don’t be afraid. My name is Peanut. I only want to help you. We haven’t had any visitors in our cave for a long time” said Peanut.

“My name is Rowie. I’m a Witch” said little Rowie wiping the tears away from her eyes.  Peanut chuckled. “I could tell that you were a witch by your hat and wand. Don’t worry, we’ll find your Broomsy” said Peanut.  Peanut turned his lamp-light to full beam as they searched the cave for Broomsy.

Little Rowie and Peanut found Broomsy lying on her side next to a big bush at the entrance of the cave.  Broomsy’s bristols were broken and fizzing. “Oh, my Broomsy, how am I going to fix you?!!” said Rowie crying.  “No problem, my Mom is great at fixing anything that is broken. Whenever one of my toys break, my Mom always fixes it.  I’ll take Broomsy to her. She will be good as new in no time” said Peanut. “That would be wonderful” said little Rowie. “Wait right here, I’ll be right back” said Peanut picking up all of Broomsy’s parts.  In a flash, Peanut was back with toys to play with Rowie as they waited for Broomsy to be fixed.

“Thank you so much, Peanut. You have been so kind. Maybe Broomsy’s accident was meant to bring us together as friends.  I would like very much to be your friend. I don’t have any other friends. My only friend is Broomsy. Whenever someone finds out that I’m a witch, they run away” said little Rowie sadly.  “Oh boy, I would really, really, really, like to be your friend. Every time someone sees that I’m a dinosaur, they run away too! I think it’s my yellow spots that scares them away” said Peanut.   “Peeeaaannnuuuttt! The broomstick is ready” said Peanut’s Mom Teeni, echoing through the cave. “I’ll be right back with Broomsy” said Peanut rushing off.

“Oh, my Broomsy.  I’m so happy to see you.  Your not broken anymore. I love you” said little Rowie giving Broomsy a big hug.  Broomsy swayed side to side as her bristles sparkled green and yellow. Little Rowie chuckled as her hat let off stardust.   “Peanut, would you like to go for a ride with me on Broomsy? I promise that you will be back in time for dinner” asked Rowie cheerfully.  

Peanut  jumped up and down in the cave excitedly.  “I’ll ask my mom if I can go. I’ll be right back” said Peanut as he ran in the back of the cave to ask permission to go for a ride.  “I can go!!!!!” said Peanut roaring with excitement. “Hop on! Here we go!!!!” said Rowie happily as they took off into the sky. “WEEEE, this is so much fun!  Can we go for a ride tomorrow? Maybe, we can have a picnic afterwards” said Peanut. “Oh Yes, Peanut! I’m so happy we became friends. This has become a very special day!” said little Rowie the Witch.