Little Rowie Books….

Little Rowie Books was created so that all children could read and enjoy my stories with their parents. Stories that are universal and can help every child feel that they are not alone. To let their imagination soar, to giggle, to feel confident, to wonder…….

My Story

As a child, I had an over active imagination. The ghouls, ghosts, and the boogy man that lived in my closet would keep me up at night. Of course, not all of my childhood was scary. There were many wonderful moments. Catching caterpillars and watching them turn into butterflies. Trying to catch lightening bugs at night. Making mud pies for each of my dolls at our party. Most of the stories I write about are characters that make the impossible possible, the underdog who wins, acceptance, confidence, truthfulness, and treating everyone the same way you want to be treated are incorporated into my stories. My stories were beloved by my children so I wrote them down.