Don’t Be Sad, Little Book

by R. S.D

Little Book wanted to climb a mountain, but was told he didn’t know how to climb up.  Little Book wanted to play baseball,  but was told he didn’t know how to hit a ball.  Little Book wanted to read stories to children, but no one would listen.  Little Book was very sad. Ink tears trickled down Little Book’s first page as he sat stumped on the bottom shelf wondering what to do.  

Little Book was page broken.  “What am I going to do?”  asked Little Book sadly. “Little Book, you must believe in yourself.  When you believe in yourself, you can accomplish anything you want to do?”  Do you know why you can accomplish anything you want to do?”  asked Mrs. Page Turner.  “No? Why? How?” asked Little Book curiously.

“It’s because you have the ability to learn.  Yes, the ability to learn anything you want to do. You can learn how to climb a mountain.  You can learn how to hit a ball. You can learn how to ride a bike and countless other things.  Always try your hardest and never give up.” said Mrs. Page
Turner as she was painting flowers on her front cover sitting next to the book stand.   Little Book’s pages beamed with delight. “Yes, I’m going to learn how to mountain climb and learn how to hit a ball!” exclaimed Little Book.       

After many climbing  lessons, Little Book was ready to go.  Feeling confident, Little Book climbed up the mountain reaching the top. “Yeah!!!  I did it!!! “ said Little Book. Little Book practised many hours hitting a baseball in his bookyard.  Feeling confident, Little Book joined a baseball team. Everyone cheered as Little Book hit the baseball soaring across the field.“Yeah, I did it!!!” shouted Little Book.

Little Book wanted children to read all the wonderful stories of adventure, love, and courage, contained in his book with all his inkheart.  Little Book decided to go to the library so every child can read a story from his book. Hearing children laugh, made the effort worthwhile. Little Book’s stories starting spreading all over the town, then the cities, then the whole country.  Every child wanted to hear Little Book’s stories. Little Book’s pages sparkled brightly as his stories were read over and over.

Little Book was no longer sad.  “Thank you Mrs. Page Turner, for believing in me” said Little Book grinning from one bookend to another.  “Always believe in yourself. Remember, you have the ability to learn and accomplish anything you want to do.” said Mrs. Page Turner.  Little Book nodded and smiled.

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