Sneizel Weasel

Little Sneizel Weasel sat on the floor next to the door, in his room preparing his exceptional, dimensional, youthful and beautiful expression of art.  Sneizel Weasel used diesel to paint on an easel which smelled lethal. Momma Weasel came in to check on Sneizel and became very upset to see Sneizel had broken out with the measles.

Sneizel Weasel was gleeful and needful as he laid in bed resting his head with his feeble beagle named Eagle.  Sneizel was covered with calamine lotion from a homemade potion that his Mom made from the ocean. After one week, Sneizel felt better and put on his sweater with greater pleasure,  as he ran downstairs into the kitchen to eat cheddar and feta on a chili pepper.

Eagle the Beagle happily followed Sneizel Weasel outside to play on the lawn, near the stone statue of the fawn named Dawn.  They fought off pine needles that pinched their feet in the heat with a baseball bat that they found in a big hat, next to the cat, holding a jar of pickles, who was selling each one for a nickel.  Some pickle juice had trickled down the jar, falling onto some tar, that had popped off Poppa Weasels car earlier in the day before Sneizel and Eagle went out to play.

There was a tall tree, whose height was ten foot three, in the middle of the lawn, standing next to Dawn, the stone fawn.  Suddenly, a squirrel named Ariel, who looked like an extraterrestrial, jumped down to the ground, and started playing, swaying, and conveying, all of her buried nuts.  Ariel’s fur was colorful, wonderful and delightful with spiky edges, that were shaped like wedges. Ariel quickly ran away as Poppa Weasels car pulled up into the driveway with a large mackerel in a satchel that look fragile.  One hour later, Momma Weasel called everyone to come to the kitchen table, as she turned off the cable.

The Weasels were thankful and grateful as they passed around each dish with fish.  Each Weasel ate and ate, till it was half past eight. After dinner, Sneizel and his brother, Cleizel, sang songs that rhymed and chimed as they marched upstairs as a pair, to wash their hair and say their prayers before bedtime. Each brother lied down in their own red bed, with their bears named Ted and Ned.  Momma Weasel opened the bedroom door. “Goodnight, sleep tight, and don’t let the bedbugs bite” Momma Weasel said softly to her sons. “Good night Momma” Sneizel said smiling as he closed his sleepy eyes, dreaming of pies.

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