The Breakfast Pals by R.S.

“Hey Egg, are you crying? Why are you all runny?” asked Hammy.  “Someone threw chopped onions on top of me” said Egg. “Let’s ask Salt and Pepper to help  get them off” said Hammy. “They can’t help Egg, you need Mr. Sausage to roll off the onions.” said Mr. Bacon.   “Stand aside, I can help push the onions off of Egg” said Mrs. Silverspoon. “I’ll help too!” said Tall Fork. “One, two, three, push……”  “Thank you. I feel better now” said Egg. “It could of been worse!” said Tall Fork. “How could it have been worse?” asked Egg. “Well, I’ve seen green peppers,  ketchup, and smelly cheese being plopped down on top of an Egg!” said Tall Fork. “You mean that there’s more than just onions that can be put on an egg” asked Mrs. Silverspoon.  “Yes. Lots more. Broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, garlic, basil, mint. The toppings can go on and on.” said Tall Fork. “Oh no, here comes Toast. He’s going to complain about having to much butter on him again” said Hammy.  “Again?”asked Mrs. Silverspoon. “Yes, every morning Miss Creamy Butter is always waiting next to my ham pouch on the kitchen counter. As soon as Toast comes out of a machine called a Toaster, Miss Creamy Butter is spread on Toast right away” said Hammy.  “You’d complain too if you had Mrs. Creamy Butter spread on you like suntan lotion!!” said Toast. “What’s suntan lotion” asked Hammy. “Never mind” said Toast. “After Toast is buttered, a slice of Ham is taken out of my pouch, heated up in a frying pan and put on top of Toast each day. We call each other Hammy in the pouch, since there is more than one of us.  It’s an inside joke.” said Hammy. “Tomorrow is going to be a special day. We have a lot of guests coming over for breakfast” said Mr. Bacon. “Who?” asked Tall Fork. “The Bagels, The Loxes, The Danishes, and The Muffins. I don’t know what they look like, but I can’t wait to meet them.” said Mr. Bacon. “I’m going back into my pouch. I can see Cereal walking up.  I don’t want to hear about all the fun puzzles, and word games he has on the back of his box along with his bragging about giving away free toys” said Hammy.
“Goodbye, Hammy.  See you tomorrow morning” said Mr. Sausage.  “Hey, Egg, if you don’t want anything on top of you, why don’t you and your other egg friends roll yourselves into the sun, so you can become smelly and then no one will want you” said Mr. Bacon.  “That’s a smart idea, but we are very proud of being part of breakfast each morning. We are nutritional and I heard that we are tasty too.” said Egg. “ I’ve heard that Mr. Sausage and I are delicious and tasty too.  We are told that we sizzle when we get cooked. Hey, it’s getting too hot out here, Mr. Sausage and I are going back into the refrigerator” said Mr. Bacon. “I’ve lost my shell, so I’m just gonna stay here with Toast and Cereal” said Egg.   “Hey Toast, have you seen the back of my box with all the different games, and puzzles?” asked Cereal. “No, no, not again”said Toast holding his toasted corners.  

“Bye -Bye breakfast pals. I’m going on top of noodles” said Egg 

“Hmm, What happened to the onions I put on top of this 
Egg?” asked Mrs. French looking down at her dish.

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